Tuesday, November 28, 2006

I have a bubble in my belly

So i guess its real enough that i can begin to write about it now without some of the worry that i'll be visiting these posts in despair. (always the eternal optimist)

Today I'm officially 16w 3d pregnant!

Whoo hoo. Last night i was laying on my belly watching tv and for the first time it didn't just totally squish under me. For a moment i was like what the heck is under me, do i have a knot in my belly...nooooo its a BABY! :)

Of course that pic was taken at 8 weeks so baby is about the size of a grapefruit now. (and yes they tell me the head is in normal proportion) Technically we have our 'big' ultrasound in a few weeks, but we won't be finding anything out, soo hopefully it will be quick and as pain free as possible for baby. No need to linger any longer then normal once we check out those heart chambers.

Still feel great which is absolutely awesome. NO SICKNESS. I do get heartburn when i get hungry, but that's beyond manageable.

My obsession lately has been baby bedding. I'm thinking of making my own, but in my search for bumble bee appliques, I found another bedding set that i really really like. Hmmmm.