Wednesday, May 23, 2007


More details are sure to be posted, but I just HAD to get this picture up!

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Mothers Day

Today is Mother’s Day and the anticipated arrival date of Baby Taurus. Things have been uneventful although I think Jenn has been having contractions…her belly becomes rock solid at times with the uterus completely contracting. Baby Taurus, you’ll have to tell me how the contractions felt while you were floating in your amniotic sac.

So a kind of depressing day, as we were hoping to have been at the birth center already and home with a baby…but the time is just not right…so we wait. It was a slow day…a mopey day…although we went to church and that was good. We came home and Jenn napped and then we were bored so went for a walk. We found a new spot…Cub Run Park…and found a creek with a quiet outcropping of rocks. The sun was just behind the trees and so we rested…I did some relaxation on Jenn and her cares went away and a brightness came to her eyes and face…she had been rejuvenated by just about 5 minutes of relaxation. It was awesome and I felt so much love for her at that moment. To know that I can bring such calmness to her and be able to encourage her with a few words and some gentle massaging. It’s amazing. So after the rejuvenation we came home to get ready for dinner and to relax the rest of the day away and had our first positive sign. Jenn’s mucous plug has softened. What a great way to end a long weekend…the baby we’ll be here soon.

Perhaps i'll be shaving in the not so distant future!!!

Simple Gifts

So today was a bit of an emotional roller coaster. Its Mothers Day and also the baby’s official due date. I requested that we not celebrate as I’m a little leery of ‘counting your chickens before they hatch.’

However, like every weekend, I was treated to a wonderful dinner Saturday night (Scalini’s Eggplant Parm, spaghetti w/clam sauce and a lil fried polenta!) This morning we lounged around and went to church. A pastor of ours celebrated her first Mothers day in 7 years since she miscarried, and yet the realization of how truly lucky I am still was not enough to pull me from my funk. We came home, I napped, and then suggested we get out of the house. It’s a picture perfect day ~ 75, blue, and sunny with the perfect breeze blowing through. If I go back to work tomorrow and miss this day – I know I’m gonna be PISSED!

So we were heading towards Bull Run park, but turned around fearful of an entrance fee and made our way to a random path marked on the side of the road. Little did either of us know that it crossed a stream. The sound of water, the sun going down behind the trees ~ it was perfect. We trekked down to a perfect sitting spot and just enjoyed the silence. I began to feel a little better. Then Peter did some relaxation and I awoke re energized.
• It is BEAUTIFUL outside
• I am 40 weeks pregnant and walking around a path with a healthy baby in my belly
• I have a husband who I KNOW is as excited about this baby as I am
• I have a supportive family
• I have a beautiful home
• I have a safe car
• I have a secure job
• SHREK is on tonight at 8pm

With the weight of the world seemingly lifted from my shoulders we came home and I lost my MP. Be it hours or days…you are on your way!

Monday, May 07, 2007

Taking One for the Team

The baby beard…It’s been a week since the last time I shaved and that was when we were at 38 weeks so today I trimmed up my neck but kept the facial hair. I’ve decided that I will grow a baby beard…only shaving once the little bugger has arrived. My version of the “playoff beard”. This is serious work and I need to support my wife anyway I can. So today the “baby beard” is born and soon the little bugger will be born too…come on Baby Taurus…we’re looking forward to meeting you.


cry/say uncle Informal
To indicate a willingness to give up a fight or surrender

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

More Homemade goodies

In addition to the BABY, cleaning products, crib blanket, etc, Peter and I decided to venture into maternity photography as well. While I LOVE the pics i see of other moms: the stretch marks, chubby body (though less now than before getting preg), and frugality of me ~ I just can't fathom spending the money on professional pics.

Peter has done so much to make me feel wonderful these past 38 weeks and topped it off with a truly pampering weekend. This was the first weekend that i truly felt sorta icky, but when he:
*makes a breakfast of prosciutto, melon, provolone, cafe con leche, oj, and orange & cranberry scones then
*makes the second round (hours later) of poached eggs, on a crab cake with holindaise & asparagus
*goes with me to get my nails done
*giggles with sheer excitement as i have some serious contractions at Wal-Mart.
*offers to take pictures to make me feel beautiful (and even absorbs far too much 'constructive criticism' from the family photographer...

You can't help but have a wonderful weekend