Friday, August 29, 2008

A few rough nights

So lately i've been having the wierdest of dreams.

Last night our car was stolen in NYC / Paris?? Somewhere big and busy. The night before was something odd (but i can't remember) and the night before that was HORRIBLE.

I dreamt that Peter and I had gotten lil G a big ol tattoo. A HUGE one on her back. Apparently we thought it would be fun. Fun?!?! This from a mama who won't even pierce her baby's ears? Anyhoo she had this big heart on her back and a lil tendril that went over her shoulder. As far as tattoos go ~ I'll admit ~ it was a nice one, but on my BABY?!? Do you think this is the kinda torture parents feel when we come home from college 'all tatted up'?

On another TMI note last night G and i were hanging out in the middle of the night. We put her to bed before our class so she's not quite the terror she can be for guests when she's overtired and HAS to stay up with the grown ups. Sometimes its works ~ sometimes it doesn't. Guess what? Last night it didn't.

So we're hangin out for awhile after misnight when she finally gets sleepy. She comes over and lays her head on my belly and is gently / sweetly patting me. Then she decides to roll over and kiss my belly. "BAABY Babby" she repeats as she pats and kisses my belly.

For all of you passing out right now A) i have my period ~ right NOW and B) i have an IUD

But for the love of god ~ someone get this girl a baby doll becuase she's FREAKING ME OUT.

Monday, August 25, 2008

The Glory of Gluttony

So after quite the lil blow last wednesday, Peter and I did lots and lots of grocery shopping and i (eek) bought a lot of crap. Food i NEVER eat, but for some reason felt compelled to try simply because it was gluten free. I may have put on 5lbs, but at least i've learned what brands of stuff i like and which i don't ~ in the quickest manner possible at that :)

In a short 4 days i've learned: going out to eat is impossible and cooking at home isn't all that different. Well we have a 1 year old and need to save $$$ anyhoo, so there restuarants ~ i don't want your sneaky food anyhow!

On a cuter note ~ yes that would be G ~ seems like she's totally skipped a round of toothgrowing and opted for a new set further back. Normal??? Prob not. Surprise me?? Definately not ;)

Friday, August 22, 2008

Oh No your DIDN'T!!!!

So this morning after much chasing ~ i finally corralled a nudie G and laid her down to put her diaper on and 'school' clothes. Now I could be mistaken ~ and lord please tell me i was ~ but as i was laying her down and saying something about being a good girl and going to school i SWEAR she rolled her eyes at me!


I KNOW what i saw and it was definitely an eye roll. But I'm holding out hope and telling myself she was simply moving her eyes around because her hair was in her eyes. Yes, the same hair she REFUSES to allow to be pulled back in a barrette.

Right ~ it was the hair...~ RIGHT!!!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Chrio/Accu/Kines Appt update

Sooo after i spat, pee'd/poo'd, enough for the rest of my life of testing ~ its pretty much confirmed that my problem isn't thyroid ~ but adrenal.

Apparently my adrenal function is sooo bad ~ that its effecting my thyroid as well (among other things) There are still more test results to come in (and umm one i forgot to do) but...its all coming together & i'm beginning to be treated!

I'm forgoing western medicine this time and seeing a chiropractor trained in Kinesiology. Also in this office are acupuncture, nutritionists, ION rooms ~ the whole shebang.

I'll be honest ~ I wasn't a huge fan of the chiropractic idea. BUT i have HAD it w/my doctors. Telling me that i HAVE to have an organ removed only to be on medication for the rest of my life?? No thanks.

Then i ask myself ~ why are you so anti chiro / acupuncture care. Those voices in my head sounded like those folks that flipped out when i told them i was seeing a midwife for my prenatal care & birth. I have NO doubts that that was the perfect choice for me, but it was a hard bridge to cross (paperwork wise) and i don't think some people ever understood my some only after the birth.

So i pushed those old school voices out of my head and followed my gut. Well i asked my fellow bradley teachers for their recs ~ found a great office ~ and THEN followed my gut.

First Appointment: I bet your problem is adrenal ~ its often confused with thyroid, but lets test this, this this and this. (about 30 more tests than i've ever had with a traditional dr) She tests some muscles using kinesiology ~ waaay cool. And says ~ its gonna be a lot of work, but you can be fixed, without medicine and lead a normal life again. I almost cried with happiness.

Today's Appointment: Some tests still aren't back ~ but the problem is most definitely adrenal. Cortisol levels ~ crap: Cortisol-DHEA ~ crap: Adrenal "fatigue": insulin, post prandial, progesterone ~ you guessed it ~ all crap. I'm also a 'silent celiac suffer' ~ apparently crazy common for any sorta autoimmune disorder.

Soo what does it all mean?
Cut out gluten ~ yesterday
breath a giant sigh of relief ~ i'm not MENTAL!!!

Next steps:
Meet with a nutritionist to learn how to eat
Allergy Testing (though muscles, not blood)
Appts 2x per week for the next 2 mos - then hopefully will taper off quickly for maintenance appts.

I could go on for pages and pages about everything i'm learning. Perhaps when i have a few more moments ~ i'll type it out.

Final 2 cents: DON'T GIVE UP!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Pimp Pimp!

Its allllllmost done.

tell your friends ~ tell your coworkers ~ heck tell your enemies. :)

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Froll Meets Froy

This craft swap had me STUMPED. The theme was bedtime ~ and i was at the beach (no sewing machine & no fabrics). I had considered making an eye pillow for 'mom' but with a newborn and a lil boy it seemed like more of a slap in the 'i-know-you-get-no-sleep' face than a practical gift. Auntie yuj suggested a mobile for the baby's crib ~ but i couldn't leave out the big brother and i wasn't sure if they're cosleepers. (see the overthinking i am capable of?!?)

Soo while hopping into toy stores as an afternoon activity I acquired quite an addiction to these adorable ~ rather expensive lil "Ugly Dolls". Only half as funny as Pee & Poop, but I digress. So i decide i'm going to make Ugly dolls for these boys.

P Says: "Monsters, your gonna make Monsters for a lil boy as a bedtime theme? Should we just call child services and have them take away G now?"

hmmm - he does sorta have a point.

Soooo I made a bedtime story to go with them ~ and kept them cute vs scary :)

Oh and the ridiculous names you ask...why they come from being a frunchy doll and toy of course!

Thursday, August 07, 2008

These are a few of my favorite things...

Since its in the DVD player and all...

Thumb - check
Berkley - check
Snuggly Blankie - check
Eeyore Pillow - check

ummm box to rest in?? - check

Monday, August 04, 2008

Auntie Yuj

or Auntie Yuk as the case may be on your cell phone ;)