Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Froll Meets Froy

This craft swap had me STUMPED. The theme was bedtime ~ and i was at the beach (no sewing machine & no fabrics). I had considered making an eye pillow for 'mom' but with a newborn and a lil boy it seemed like more of a slap in the 'i-know-you-get-no-sleep' face than a practical gift. Auntie yuj suggested a mobile for the baby's crib ~ but i couldn't leave out the big brother and i wasn't sure if they're cosleepers. (see the overthinking i am capable of?!?)

Soo while hopping into toy stores as an afternoon activity I acquired quite an addiction to these adorable ~ rather expensive lil "Ugly Dolls". Only half as funny as Pee & Poop, but I digress. So i decide i'm going to make Ugly dolls for these boys.

P Says: "Monsters, your gonna make Monsters for a lil boy as a bedtime theme? Should we just call child services and have them take away G now?"

hmmm - he does sorta have a point.

Soooo I made a bedtime story to go with them ~ and kept them cute vs scary :)

Oh and the ridiculous names you ask...why they come from being a frunchy doll and toy of course!

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