Monday, August 25, 2008

The Glory of Gluttony

So after quite the lil blow last wednesday, Peter and I did lots and lots of grocery shopping and i (eek) bought a lot of crap. Food i NEVER eat, but for some reason felt compelled to try simply because it was gluten free. I may have put on 5lbs, but at least i've learned what brands of stuff i like and which i don't ~ in the quickest manner possible at that :)

In a short 4 days i've learned: going out to eat is impossible and cooking at home isn't all that different. Well we have a 1 year old and need to save $$$ anyhoo, so there restuarants ~ i don't want your sneaky food anyhow!

On a cuter note ~ yes that would be G ~ seems like she's totally skipped a round of toothgrowing and opted for a new set further back. Normal??? Prob not. Surprise me?? Definately not ;)


Judy Sombar said...

I Jenn- I'm a friend of Laurie's. Like your blog girl. I am from Maryland- moved here to Mt. Lebo almost three years ago. Am going thru my own hell with auto-immune symptoms, mental junk. am eating a spinach, strawberry, mozzarlla, almond salad with balsamic vin. dressing right now. very yummy and no ofenders for me that i'm aware of, though dairy is sketchy. i was going to a chiro. this winter/spring and he wanted me to do the elination diet. i spent lots of $ on different foods at Trader Joes and Whole Foods and ended up on a binge without gluten/dairy/sugar, etc., and became quite obsessed with food in the process. So now I am trying a less radical approach, eating a protein rich menu with mostly lean meats/veggies and fruits.

Three years ago I without wheat/meat/dairy for 12 weeks but the lack of protein did me in (should have had meat).

I have breastfed all 4 of my kids, and two of them had dairy allergies so i went as long as one year w/o dairy, peanuts, soy- then they grew out of the allergies.

i say all of this because i know how hard dietary changes can be and i wanted you to know you aren't alone. :)

do you go to la leche league?


~jenn said...

Hey Judy -- thanks for your note. I can't imagine all those diet restictions! GF is going well for now, but i don't know how much more i'd give up w/o a fight :) Did they use blood/saliva tests to diagnose all that or AK? (i've been AK then confirm w/blood)

I'll go to a LLL meeting on occassion w/a student (we teach Bradley Method) but don't really go on a regular basis. At almost 16 mos ~ G's 'snackin' morning & nights and i've quasi-reluctantly dropped the pump.