Thursday, March 22, 2007

technical stuff

So last night i was feeling particularly crappy. Post-nasal drip and all. BUT i did have a huge break through with the lil one.

In a moment of genius we had a lil chat. We both agreed that no one wants another Gemini in the family and that all would be best, if it would try to come on time. After all - we hadn't been calling the baby - "Baby Taurus" for NOTHING.

Then I asked if it wanted to play a lil game. It kicked a yes, so i proceeded. Kick once if your a boy and twice if your a girl. Then immediately - BAM

Isn't science wonderful?

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Could this be the begining of the end???

So this past weekend I went home to pittsburgh. I felt a little under the weather, but deemed it to mostly self pity. Before we left I updated my baby registry, and noticed a few gifts missing. So i foolishly expected a surprise shower. I was previously told it was a bad weekend, due to St. Patty's day, but really...adults & St. Patty's day??? I suspect it revolved more around March Madness then anything else. Stupid stupid me. There was no celebration. I did however learn that my dad & stepmom got a nice 'pamper-me' basket for their neighbor who was preg. Me - i haven't even gotten a card from them. Its nice to know where you stand i guess...but damn depressing at the same time.

So after all that it should be no surprise that all i wanted to do was sleep while i was there. But then i get home and all i still want to do is sleep. AND i find more sniffles and aches and pains to accompany me. I HAVE 8 WEEKS LEFT it can't get bad yet. CAN'T you hear me - i won't accept it!

On a good note, Aunt Jude booked her flight for May 25 - 28 to come and meet baby. Let's hope your here by then ;)

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

I've got Belarus on my belly

Is it possible that 8 months into this i am still finding surprises around every corner?!?! Is it possible that my nose will ever stop? Is it possible that in creating a lil human I sometimes fear i am just hosting an intergalactic kegger in my belly? Is it possible that my latest and greatest addition looks JUST LIKE BELARUS???

So lets talk about stretch marks. The good, the bad and the WHOOOAA what IS that? So like most first time moms, I took a memory glimpse of my mom's belly and though a lil whimper might have escaped, its NOTHING compared to some of the battle scars i've seen. So when a few months ago the first 6 appeared (3 on each side of my belly button) I almost thought they were cute. A few weeks later another set of six crept in. Now the other day after stripping off a rather tight waisted, low-rising pair of pants - i was rubbing my poor lil crease lines in hopes of making it all go away. When - hmmm that's not quite the same vertical streak i've been rubbing. I bend over to take a look. HA! Impossible. So i waddle over to the mirror to take a closer look. I actually have to LIFT up my belly to get a clearer check and there is it...BELARUS.

EVERY stretch mark i've seen has been just that ~a longish stretched piece of skin. WHERE ARE THE PICTURES OF BELARUS? For a few days I held out hope that perhaps it was just a bruise, but nope. Its a BIG, round, country shaped stretch mark. Please don't let this be a sign of things to come.