Tuesday, March 06, 2007

I've got Belarus on my belly

Is it possible that 8 months into this i am still finding surprises around every corner?!?! Is it possible that my nose will ever stop? Is it possible that in creating a lil human I sometimes fear i am just hosting an intergalactic kegger in my belly? Is it possible that my latest and greatest addition looks JUST LIKE BELARUS???

So lets talk about stretch marks. The good, the bad and the WHOOOAA what IS that? So like most first time moms, I took a memory glimpse of my mom's belly and though a lil whimper might have escaped, its NOTHING compared to some of the battle scars i've seen. So when a few months ago the first 6 appeared (3 on each side of my belly button) I almost thought they were cute. A few weeks later another set of six crept in. Now the other day after stripping off a rather tight waisted, low-rising pair of pants - i was rubbing my poor lil crease lines in hopes of making it all go away. When - hmmm that's not quite the same vertical streak i've been rubbing. I bend over to take a look. HA! Impossible. So i waddle over to the mirror to take a closer look. I actually have to LIFT up my belly to get a clearer check and there is it...BELARUS.

EVERY stretch mark i've seen has been just that ~a longish stretched piece of skin. WHERE ARE THE PICTURES OF BELARUS? For a few days I held out hope that perhaps it was just a bruise, but nope. Its a BIG, round, country shaped stretch mark. Please don't let this be a sign of things to come.

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