Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Friday, October 29, 2010

And so it begins...

So today I dropped G off at daycare for their Halloween party & parade. ALLLLLLLLLLLLl the lil girls were princesses. Which of course is practically unavoidable at 3 years old, but nonetheless...every single one was a specific Disney princess. Since i sew and i'm a dork - i just can't do off-the-shelf costumes. Nothing against folks who do ~ there were quite a few hours last week where i wish i didn't have this form of OCD. Alas...

All of G's lil friends kept coming up to her and asking her "Which princess are you?" After about the 3rd girl asked and G still hadn't had a chance to get a word in edgewise she looked at me with big puppy dog eyes. I smiled and told her - your not a movie princess...your a REAL princess.

She glowed and I fought back tears.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Did i mention...

I'm pregnant :P

There are so few & far between photos of me as I try my darndest to stay behind the camera, but the light was beautiful and i was dressed....so i threw caution to the wind and let pete-a-lee play with my camera.

I'm pretty glad i did!

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

G's Top 10

So i know my momma friends with 2+ will attest that you just fall madly in love with your first before the second is born, but duuuuuuuude - who woulda though they'd make it soo stinkin easy.

So in lieu of a lengthy mooshy love letter; i'll keep it short and sweet

Top 10 Reasons I love my "Hunny Bunny"
1) she brings me water &/or juice when i need it
2) she saves me snacks from her lunch at school
3) she sits beside me and sews for hours on end.
4) she insisted that we get a rabbit for dinner from the farmers market
5) she LIVES for farmers market trips
6) she thinks her last name is 'alca-tater'
7) leaves stickers everywhere (the walls, her comforter, my pillow)
8) is as 'tude-tastic' as her mama. (mama you're gonna whine when my baby comes out too and i'm just not gonna wanna hear it!)
9) kisses her kitty cat every morning & night just like a regular member of the family
10) she looooooooves to cook with us in the kitchen
11) her dances make me soo happy

of course there is so much more, but i promised myself that i'd let this be a happy free-association exercise. and with that...another pic of G's fall wardrobe.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

My Cuteness

I was going to save this pic for when i have more of the 'fall wardrobe' done, but
1) ha. like i have the time
2) isn't she just too cute?!?

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

One Potato, Two Potato, Three Potatoes


So one of the most fun things we've ever done with our garden is plant potatoes. Potatoes & Tomatoes were the crop du anno ~ and boy did that work on G's language skills :) I've never actually seen a potato plant so it was a fun experiment all around. I mean even from the day we received the amazing package ~ its been a blast. The companies packaging was insane. Like a little present. Then all summer the plants flourished, flowered and grew grew grew. But despite all this ~ we had NO idea what awaited us beneath the soil.

We got a decent amount. Certainly nothing to sustain us through the winter, but it was fun nonetheless. AND since these are heirloom potatoes, we'll be able to plant some of our product in the spring again and continue without any further purchases. Unlike just about everyone else...thank-you Monsanto. (grrr)

Last night we FINALLY got around to cleaning our crop and though a messy job...someone's gotta do it. And thankfully that someone is G!

And because we were feeling the potato love ~ we went to a farm for their annual pancake breakfast & potato harvest. To me it was a step above chuck-e-cheese, but G had fun...and that was really the intent. (or so i keep telling myself)

G's first...

It was a raucous hot day made only more so by the zillions of parents & running kids, buuut. G was THRILLED to have her first art show. "Just like mommy, my stuffs is on the walls". (swoon)

Then while she was all good & sugared up, of course she had to show off her extra load of sillies by getting into her baby brodder's seat. (no we don't know - i swear. And even G technically thinks its a girl, but due to all of her friends, is less familiar with the words 'baby sister' But no worries, she'll assure you..."it does NOT hab a penis mommy!")

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

You know its time to turn the AC on when...

Your nudie daughter is playing 'stuck in the mud' on the brown leather sofa.

(just realized i haven't posted in awhile and despite not having much to say...I figured i'd pop in to say 'yo')

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

She loves me!

Last week while shopping at wegmans we found these AWESOME cookies. Not only were they cute lil butterfies, but they were gluten free and gooood. (usually not a word combination you see together in one sentance)

Anyhooters - we each had a cookie in the car which left one for for G to take as her snack for school later in the week. Unbeknownst to me this was her snack in its entirity (daddies!) but alas...the story is sweet.

What you see above is all G ate of her fabulous cookie. Some might suspect that she truely didn't like the cookie that much. But i can attest that she did. However she told her teachers that they were Mommy's favorite cookies and good for her tummy. and so she wanted to save it for me.

awe swoon. makes a mama heart happy!

Monday, July 26, 2010

We're ba-ack

So its been awhile. It's amazing how hard it is to blog when your internet at home crashes every time you pull up the site :P

So rather than trying to catch up on everything that's passed here are a few lil snippits of life - then i'll just pick up where I left off.

we had a beautiful memorial day weekend

Then Peter took G to their first father daughter camping weekend. this is where i used to go with my dad, but alas the #1 rule: NO MOMS

Then we went to the beach with Grandma :) (yes thats a mama smile there as it was the first VACATION i've had in years. You mamas out there know what i'm talking about.

And now - I've just passed the 1/2 way point for baby #2. Its like time just doesn't stop for me to catch a breath or anything.


Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Problems anyone?

So is anyone out there in cyber world having problems with this blog???

At home it seems to short circut our wireless connection but here at the office all seems fine.

This inherently STINKS as all photos and such are at home on my play pc - but i'm sure i'll figure something out.

I just wanted to see if anyone else was having probs lately or perhaps it twas just lil ol me.


Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A Walk in the Park

A errm month or so ago we had the most magical saturday walk around Walney park. I love that place. I especially love how close it is. What i don't love are the deer ticks. More on that later.

Like any good hike with a toddler it started off with a 'Ihafta go poooottty' as soon as your far enough away from a good working toilet. I'll spare you the pictures, but rest assured ~ there are some :) We followed the stream through the woods and wildflowers. The goal of the day was to find morels, but meh. That didn't last long.

We saw a snake, a turtle, actually found some pitcher plants (that was my favorite part). Stopped and watched the cutest lil family of teeny squirrels play up in the trees. Watch a beautifully green inchworm work her way up a tree. And played with photos...all of us.

Clearly a month post ~ i didn't do the day justice, but you'll just have to believe me when i say...it was awesome.

Big News

So i'm trying my bestest to catch up. I have so many fun stories and wonderful photos to share, but really...first things first. Coming this December...

Saturday, April 03, 2010

In the cherry blossoms' shade. There is no such thing as a stranger

and that was certainly the case at today's Cherry Blossom festival - YOGA event. Right there on the national mall hoards of yogi's showed up for a once a year opportunity to do yoga outside, under the cherry blossoms (well not really, but...), and en mass. I personally LOVE huge yoga classes and i LOVE LOVE outdoor yoga so this was a super duper treat.

The day started out gray gray much like last weekend and I wasn't super duper motivated to deal with cherry blossom 'mainstream' folks. BUT pete-a-lee assured me he was feeling the parking karma and promised to drop G & I off close and meet up with us. We skirted traffic as only a (quasi) local can and i was pleasantly surprised by the ease. Peter found a parking spot RIGHT in front of the white house. No, like right right in front. It could not have been a better spot. But like my mom said...only an IDIOT would drive downtown during the cherry blossom festival :P
There was live music and incense (from somewhere) and the vibe was dreamy. And of course, G participated like only a 3 year old can.

The sun finally came out - we all have happy rosy cheeks. We ultimately loved every minute of it.

the alcantarians

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Cherry Blossom Time

In recent years we've taken to visiting the cherry blossoms when the nerds do. i.e. at sunrise before all the tourists get out of bed. Well at least the jerky/irritating ones.

This year however was a M.A.J.O.R letdown. The skies were gray the weather was cold and we were significantly unmotivated. Despite all that ~ we still managed a decent time. Like a true local G had never been to a monument (that her pea brain could remember. don't spaz, we've taken her many times...as a baby)

Anyhoo - she thought Jefferson was the coolest dude in the world. And LOVED being in the monument. The elevator didn't hurt either. And yes - we took the elevator to the top because we were already visiting the potties and i thought the elevator would be a bigger "WOW" factor. Silly mommy forgot that an elevator is WOW factor enough!

I'll spare you all the blossom photos and just leave you with a selection of my favorites.

oh and it was flooded too.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Before & After

So going through some photos and I have quite a few before & after shots I wanted to share.

Our Home:
this before is before before~ like before i was preg and before we had a toddler...hence the extreme clean :)
HOME 061

the after --ahh i love. after having always moved in the fall, its nice to have something bright & spring-y. Plus i think it personally reflects the now-me much better. -- the wide angle lens doesn't hurt either.

And since i don't have a before of the dress -- which would really just be a pile of yummy fabric...here's the dress as all nice & pressed.
2009-10 028

and in action!
and just to toot my own horn a bit. this was my FIRST ever pattern! As most of you know- i love to sew, but i really felt like its time to up the ante a bit. This was a super simple pattern to begin with and despite a (few) minor panic attacks about fit...i couldn't be happier with how it turned out.
(for anyone interested it's the modkid - frida dress with michael miller fabric)

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

0.0625 in our blood

#1 in our heart!

Happy St. Patricks Day from G!

but really....isn't she cute!?!?

and this one's for you Lea!

Monday, March 15, 2010

T-Minus 3 days and ...

praying time will stop!

hahahah -- so this is my view from the sofa RIGHT NOW. and we have a party in THREE days.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Past tense

So yea - i have more pictures to upload, but to be completely honest this lack of blogging can completely be related to my new pc where i keep all my photos. The keyboard on it STINKS. The two of them is a pain in the butt.

anyhoo -

this is just a quick lil note to let you all know G has moved on to (incorrect) past tense verbs. Another milestone that perhaps only a speech therapist would care about but i find soooo adorable. My favorite: "Talk-ed" as in

"Daddy talk-ed me eat my eggs"

love. love. love.

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Get your shovels out

No really - go get em. its gonna snow ~ again! One nice thing about getting this much snow in DC ~ the road workers are starting to figure out how to plow, when to lay salt, etc. The roads are significantly better this year. Now if we could only convince the schools that they don't need to close at the forcast of snow ~ we'd almost be a normal city. Here's a lil video from the last big snow (but G was actually up in CT with daddy)

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

its the little things.

for lunch i went to the farmers market. Sure i needed things, but i knew some friends would be there and I was hoping to see them also. (and by friends i mean the ones i hang out with and would call in case of a family emergency - you'll get the distinction in a moment)

But is it normal to squeal with delight upon seeing your favorite Amish dairy farmer and wish instantly that you could run and pick up your daughter from daycare so she could pick out her yogurt flavor? Like many small markets - chit chat ensued with friends and vendors and the Amish Dairy Man said he was happy to see his local friends again. It made me smile. Friends. While i wouldn't use the term myself i certainly appreciate that he did.

I remember the last day of the market early this fall and he was wearing what i presumed to be his 'Sunday best'. He graciously thanked his regulars and handed out information for how to contact him through the winter. Today he said it was upsetting 'to see the [local] market close for the season. It just seemed like an abrupt way to say goodbye'.

Perhaps its sentimental and cheesy but i totally agreed. I so often think of things as a means to an end.
Organic produce + small business = farmers market.

but my dairy man reminded me its more like:
my family + your family + sustainable living + consciousness of chemicals + my health + your health + animal health + + + + ... = farmers markets.

and in that ~ i am a friend. thanks for the reminder.

Friday, January 08, 2010

Our FIRST Christmas

no really – seriously – OUR first christmas.  Peter and i have been together workin on 8 years now and this is the first christmas we’ve been able to call our own.  and it was WONDERFUL.  No where to go.  No one to dress up for, no meals to make you overstuffed and did i mention, no where to go?!?!  Of course we missed family – but thanks to SKYPE and perhaps being over 30, it didn’t really seem that bad. xmas3

For starters i had tried to get all interested parties set up on Skype so they could spy on our x-mas morning should they be interested.  Course no one expected that we’d have this to deal with for soooooooooooo long.  seriously kid.  WAKE UP.  I did everything but jump on her bed at 9am.

132 But that being said – it was all worth the wait.  This was truly and enjoyable day.  She LOVED it.  (duh, right!)  Unfortunately i didn’t pick up my camera till she had already swapped into new jammies, opened 90% of her gifts, had a new dolly that would not come out of her arms.  Despite the wonderful picture of peter – it was funny watching G open gifts with 1 hand. OK,  for about 5 minutes until i wanted to scratch out my own eyeballs from the slowness of it all.  However, i digress.  Next are the wings.  Ahh the wings.  The wings that were cause of WWIII should they come off for nap time (they did not) ~ nor for dinner either.  But it was good.  We sang and played all day long and no one got out of their jammies. 



I guess i’m pretty lucky.  Every day just keeps getting better!159

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Havin a cool yule

So clearly i’ve been lacking in the blogging.  but its all for good reason i promise.  DUH – i’ve been BUSY :P

So i’m going to try and pick up roughly where i left off and just get to the good parts.  i.e. like another pic of my new rug and our sofa :)044

starting of course – with our solstice celebration.  As i grow up and learn more about Christmas, its true meaning and origin of traditions I wonder more and more why I feel the need to celebrate something entirely made up.  Wanna celebrate the birth of Christ– go for it.  Wanna celebrate the sun – go for that too.  Eight days of oil…game on.  I love latkes.  But what i don’t get…nor care for, to be honest, is when people do things just for the sake of tradition or because its what everyone else does.  Perhaps its the life stage i’m in as with Santa and parenting i’m testing out new waters as i teach and am actually responsible for a lil mind.  Or perhaps i’m just wierd as my father would tell me. 

So what do you do when your brain tells you to celebrate one thing, but your childish dreams  want celebrate something else? Well for now – we do it all.  :) yule

Starting with the solstice.  We decorate d sun cookies (ok really flowers as that’s the cookie cutter i have) tied up our yule log and made prayer poppers / wish crackers or whatever you want to call them.  G also received a little solstice present.  A nativity scene complete with gnomes, fairy’s and so i don’t get too dizzy when i spiral to hell --  a baby in a rocker. 


and just for giggles – here’s a picture of my favorite little gnome-ess in all her feminine glory :)