Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Havin a cool yule

So clearly i’ve been lacking in the blogging.  but its all for good reason i promise.  DUH – i’ve been BUSY :P

So i’m going to try and pick up roughly where i left off and just get to the good parts.  i.e. like another pic of my new rug and our sofa :)044

starting of course – with our solstice celebration.  As i grow up and learn more about Christmas, its true meaning and origin of traditions I wonder more and more why I feel the need to celebrate something entirely made up.  Wanna celebrate the birth of Christ– go for it.  Wanna celebrate the sun – go for that too.  Eight days of oil…game on.  I love latkes.  But what i don’t get…nor care for, to be honest, is when people do things just for the sake of tradition or because its what everyone else does.  Perhaps its the life stage i’m in as with Santa and parenting i’m testing out new waters as i teach and am actually responsible for a lil mind.  Or perhaps i’m just wierd as my father would tell me. 

So what do you do when your brain tells you to celebrate one thing, but your childish dreams  want celebrate something else? Well for now – we do it all.  :) yule

Starting with the solstice.  We decorate d sun cookies (ok really flowers as that’s the cookie cutter i have) tied up our yule log and made prayer poppers / wish crackers or whatever you want to call them.  G also received a little solstice present.  A nativity scene complete with gnomes, fairy’s and so i don’t get too dizzy when i spiral to hell --  a baby in a rocker. 


and just for giggles – here’s a picture of my favorite little gnome-ess in all her feminine glory :)


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