Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Seven Months

Dear Peanut,

Mommy’s been a bad bad blogger. NOTHING posted since your 6 month update! I guess that means we’ve been busy busy.

After coming home from Thanksgiving up in PA your Daddy and I took our class to become Bradley instructors. It was 4 very loooong days but hopefully well worth it. Although we enjoyed our time in class ~ we missed you desperately. Grandma Jan came and stayed with you for a few days and then Grandma and Grandpa Alcantara came to stay. It was fun to share you, and a good daycare tester for Mommy, but I really didn’t like it. Along with 2 other babies, you spent a few mornings with us in class. These kids were cute and QUIET. You on the other hand were lil miss rambunctious. You’d see a marker ~ take off to eat it ~ wind up in someone’s lap ~ snuggle and play for a few ~ see another marker ~ take off to eat it…until you got hungry then you’d seek out mama again. It was funny, but tiring all the same.

Grandma Jan brought you this ADORABLE lil santa dress and I thought it would be just too cute to have you dressed up for a few pics. We were thinking x-mas cards, but with the dress and the all looked a lil to Sears-y for Mama. Don't ya think?

THEN as if that weren’t tiring enough ~ the day after we finished classes we had to return to work, AND the contractors came to fix & paint the walls THAT DAY!. Although it took a week and we were without water for 5 days these guys did a great job and you were even better. How you managed to nap while they were here is beyond me ~ but not once did you seem overwhelmed by having to sleep in the living room on a blow up mattress, or by having 5 extra house guests every day.

You’re also becoming a bit addicted to mommy. I revel in the fact that it’s a known phase for this time of your life and don’t do a single thing to stop it.

Somehow despite stealing her toys and chewing on her tail when you catch her ~ Willoughby still loves you. It cracks me up how she actually plays WITH you. You’ll be happily sitting in the living room, playing with a toy or eight and she’ll come about 2 feet away from you (just out of arms reach to be safe). Then you’ll see her, squeal and take off after her. She’ll run and sit about 5 feet from original position. You’ll follow. You two will repeat this until she takes off into your room, which unfortunately is around the corner and thus out of view from Mommy.

May you always seek comfort in my presence,

Monday, December 03, 2007

Six Months Old

Happy Half Year!!!

How can you already be SIX MONTHS old?!?! I’ve said it before, but these early years are just too darn fast. I think I’d like this baby phase to be twice as long and in return I’m willing to shorten bits of 13, 14, and 15. (Maybe) Although, if Gene Simmons has taught me anything, its that it IS possible to have teenagers & even pre-teens think their parents are cool and still want to hang out with them. Who woulda thunk he'd be a role model? ever.

Not too much crazy stuff has happened this month. Your biggest feat is crawling and standing. Still no butt in the air, but it moves ya places just about as fast as your daddy and I can roll off the sofa to catch you. Another great accomplishment for you is standing. Just days before your ½ birthday your daddy and I were fixin’ up your room a little more and just like that ~voila~ your hanging onto the side of the crib and bouncing up and down. As surprised and pleased as we were to see this, I have to admit, we would have been just as happy to wait a day or two as it was after 10pm and both of us were DYING to get to bed, not move the mattress down to its lowest setting.

I think my favorite part of hanging out with you every day is learning who my baby girl is. Your starting to develop a lil err ok – a BIG personality. For starters your goofy. You just love to make us laugh. Sometimes with the string you’ve pulled out of my sweatshirt or a ribbon from a gift. You love to chew on it and make silly faces.

You also still LOVE the outdoors. I remember you came into this world with crisp morning air to greet you and the sound of soothing rain falling outside. Each time we go outside you seem to grow a little older, a little wiser and far more peaceful. We took you on a hike with about 15 other people one weekend and just about everyone commented on how great you were, like a true Taurus, you just soaked in every ounce of the experience.

I’m soaking you in,