Monday, May 15, 2006

Dear Mom ~ you drive me nuts!

Ok - i'm a big girl. Techincally i'm obese ~ ohhhh. I know this, my husband knows it and anyone who sees me walking down the street knows it.

Harping on the subject and having back-door conversations with my husband and friends will not change the issue until I want to change. And frankly I'm not soo disguested with myself as you are with me. Yes - it would be fun to go into a store and pick a size 10 off the rack and walk out in it - but I can't and thats ok. I like anyone have bad days / fat days and good days too. Why do you dismiss those?

Between my husband and I - i can't imagine a less supportive family network. And we want to move back home to be around these people more...are we stupid?!?!

I'm often over-outspoken but i keep so much to myself - out of respect for you I don't mention that I think your so damn vain it makes me sick. And that your cashing in your retirement at 50 was the dumbest thing i've ever seen anyone do - that your condescending relationship with your older sister makes me want to puke. I do not mention these things out of respect and cause its none of my damn business - why the HE#% don't i deserve the same?

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

a world / weekend away

I have the greatest life.

Friday a few friends and I worked from one's home. Drank pina coloda's and berry martini's. Had thai for dinner and lounged at the Laughing Lizard. One of our FAV bands was playing. The fact that this also happens to be my husbands band is purely coincidental.

Saturday we wake around 11 and drag our old behind out of bed. What once was a bounce and rebound from a night of drinking, now honestly takes some coercion to even open ones eyes. Alas, we managed.

Peter played on the net for a few minutes. I presumed he was checking his e-mail and gasp - working on a weekend. Thankfully not though as he found not only a glassblowing fair, but a Victorian fair all about 3 hours south of us. Within an hour my superman and i were on the road. We had a great weekend - bought some cool souvenirs AND saw a bed race. Rather self descriptive ~ don't ya think.

Hi, I'm Jenn and I like weekends away with my honey!