Tuesday, May 02, 2006

a world / weekend away

I have the greatest life.

Friday a few friends and I worked from one's home. Drank pina coloda's and berry martini's. Had thai for dinner and lounged at the Laughing Lizard. One of our FAV bands was playing. http://www.mesmers.com/ The fact that this also happens to be my husbands band is purely coincidental.

Saturday we wake around 11 and drag our old behind out of bed. What once was a bounce and rebound from a night of drinking, now honestly takes some coercion to even open ones eyes. Alas, we managed.

Peter played on the net for a few minutes. I presumed he was checking his e-mail and gasp - working on a weekend. Thankfully not though as he found not only a glassblowing fair, but a Victorian fair all about 3 hours south of us. Within an hour my superman and i were on the road. We had a great weekend - bought some cool souvenirs AND saw a bed race. Rather self descriptive ~ don't ya think.

Hi, I'm Jenn and I like weekends away with my honey!

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