Thursday, February 18, 2010

Past tense

So yea - i have more pictures to upload, but to be completely honest this lack of blogging can completely be related to my new pc where i keep all my photos. The keyboard on it STINKS. The two of them is a pain in the butt.

anyhoo -

this is just a quick lil note to let you all know G has moved on to (incorrect) past tense verbs. Another milestone that perhaps only a speech therapist would care about but i find soooo adorable. My favorite: "Talk-ed" as in

"Daddy talk-ed me eat my eggs"

love. love. love.

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Get your shovels out

No really - go get em. its gonna snow ~ again! One nice thing about getting this much snow in DC ~ the road workers are starting to figure out how to plow, when to lay salt, etc. The roads are significantly better this year. Now if we could only convince the schools that they don't need to close at the forcast of snow ~ we'd almost be a normal city. Here's a lil video from the last big snow (but G was actually up in CT with daddy)