Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A Walk in the Park

A errm month or so ago we had the most magical saturday walk around Walney park. I love that place. I especially love how close it is. What i don't love are the deer ticks. More on that later.

Like any good hike with a toddler it started off with a 'Ihafta go poooottty' as soon as your far enough away from a good working toilet. I'll spare you the pictures, but rest assured ~ there are some :) We followed the stream through the woods and wildflowers. The goal of the day was to find morels, but meh. That didn't last long.

We saw a snake, a turtle, actually found some pitcher plants (that was my favorite part). Stopped and watched the cutest lil family of teeny squirrels play up in the trees. Watch a beautifully green inchworm work her way up a tree. And played with photos...all of us.

Clearly a month post ~ i didn't do the day justice, but you'll just have to believe me when i was awesome.

Big News

So i'm trying my bestest to catch up. I have so many fun stories and wonderful photos to share, but really...first things first. Coming this December...