Friday, February 23, 2007

Sunny Sunny day

Today looks BEE-U-tiful outside. Its breezy and i want nothing more than to take our blanket - a big glass of iced tea, a good book and go bask in the sun. It looks like one of those days where just when you begin to sweat a lil and wish for the cool days of fall a cold whisp of air blows almost right through you and instantly you wonder if you should run inside for a sweater. However, there is still snow on the ground and at best - it might be 42 degrees f.

I have little work to do today. I should be reviewing past reports for errors, but really...not going to happen. I also could be doing laundry and cleaning as we're having people over for a Chinese New Years dinner on sat, but instead i'm daydreaming about shamrock shakes, driving with all the windows open and sitting outside in sunny spots. Well that and expensive designer maternity jeans that cost $265. Can you imagine?!?!

In one month and 1 day i am photographing a friends wedding. I am very excited and only starting to get a lil nervous. My biggest fear is what to wear. Do you really think professional photographers care about this kinda crap? Of course most of them prob aren't 8 mos pregnant when they book their first wedding.

Babyland is good. The heartburn has subsided for the past few days which has been nice, only to be replaced by my need for my 5pm nap. Again ~ really not so bad. I got a few cute new clothes from Old Navy, which keeps me happy. Now if i could only muster up the $40 to get my nails done...i might acutally feel like a lady again.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Itchy, Bitchy & Bloated - the lost Dwarf.

MAN ~ i have had the ugliest cold for the past 5 days or so...or so i hope its a cold, cause then that means it will GO AWAY - right?!?!? I've had a 'cold' since about month two of this lil expidition called pregnancy, but the past week has been soooo muuuuch woooorse. So i'm wishin and hopin and prayin that it will go away. Cause it WILL GO AWAY. Interestingly enough, i learned last night that the 'cold' symptoms are just my sad lil body's way of not knowing where it needs to put the extra mucus. It knows it needs some, but unfortunatly we're not developed enough as a species to put it EXACTLY where it needs to go - so it goes EVERYWHERE. Fun.

In other news. I hosted a living room luau on sat night. I think it was quite the success. Peter needed to be celebrated and i needed a vacation.