Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Itchy, Bitchy & Bloated - the lost Dwarf.

MAN ~ i have had the ugliest cold for the past 5 days or so...or so i hope its a cold, cause then that means it will GO AWAY - right?!?!? I've had a 'cold' since about month two of this lil expidition called pregnancy, but the past week has been soooo muuuuch woooorse. So i'm wishin and hopin and prayin that it will go away. Cause it WILL GO AWAY. Interestingly enough, i learned last night that the 'cold' symptoms are just my sad lil body's way of not knowing where it needs to put the extra mucus. It knows it needs some, but unfortunatly we're not developed enough as a species to put it EXACTLY where it needs to go - so it goes EVERYWHERE. Fun.

In other news. I hosted a living room luau on sat night. I think it was quite the success. Peter needed to be celebrated and i needed a vacation.

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