Monday, April 28, 2008

More crafts!

So G had a bib she borrowed from daycare. It was a nice plasstic one that covered her arms (this girl gets MESSY when she eats) but it was Blues Clues. No offense to those that like that sorta thing...but its just nms (not-my-style). So i looked and i looked and i looked for an alternative. Nada, niet, zip, zero, zilch.

So i took matters into my own hands.

It's completely wipeable and therefor great for messy eaters and craft projects. Can you believe 2 days after i finished them ~ i got an decent size order from G's daycare!!! Once those are done - i hope to be making more for my Etsy shop! Move over Charrise...

Thursday, April 17, 2008

eek! 11 MONTHS

Dear lil G,

FYI lil button ~ time flies when your havin fun! and MAN are we having a blast with you these days. There are no two ways about it ~ you are just funny. You love to tease us (and Willoughby), love to be tickled, chased and even teased with your food/sock monkey on occasion.

You've taken a real liking to your tunnel again. About 20 minutes before you crash for the night you get this sudden burst of energy. And get just goofy. The other night you must have crawled through your tunnel 40 times. Then towards the end you started hoarding toys inside it. I started to worry that i had a 6 year old on my hands who was going to fight me to sleep in her fort. Thankfully ~ you did settle down at some point and went easily to bed.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh bed. Regardless of all those folks who insisted on telling us how to raise you and telling us that you SHOULD be sleeping through the night (despite not knowing a THING about breastfed children or our opposition to baby boot camp) You have finally, in your own time, taken to sleeping through the night. And this time its not just cause your sick ;) As wonderful as a full nights sleep is...i really miss you. THEN just to put salt in my gaping heart ~ you don't even want to co-sleep anymore! But if your happy ~ i'm happy. (i suppose)

You just capable of sooo much now:
~ You can hold a spoon and feed yourself. Of course its a great big giant mess but the fact that the right end of the eating utensil goes into the proper hole in your face (80% of the time) astounds me.
~ You help me dress you each morning. Of course you still haate diaper changes, you are willing to play along if (and only if) i promise to leave the diaper off while i take of your jammies and put on you tops & shoes AND if i let you suck your thumb through the process. Also, after one arm goes in your sleeve, you pop out your thumb and anticipate the next arms turn. I don't know why this cracks me up but it does.
~ Still chasing Willoughby through the house
~ Getting in and and and out and surfing on your rocker. In theory you haven't seen your rocker yet b.c. its your present for your first birthday, but since its still in its unfinished stage ~ AND YOUR A BABY ~ i don't really see the harm.

Half of me is eagerly planning your first birthday picnic in the hundred acre woods ~ a tribute to a depressed lil donkey & a lil girl with enough joy for the whole world; while the other half of me wonders if we don't celebrate your birthday you might magically stay my lil baby girl forever. I know each stage of your life is going to be filled with more excitement and laughs than the previous, but the unknown is soo daunting when a perfect life smiles at you every morning.

suspending time,
mum mum mum mum mum mum

Friday, April 11, 2008


Charisse ~ the sock monkey!!!

She's my first ;)

And well it took a lil longer than i expected (partly because i had sewn her face on her butt-side) but after a lil cosmetic surgery she's FINE. Lopsided - but FINE. and of course ~ we love her just as she is!

Thanks but no thanks Willoughby

Sooooo this morning G's playing with her lil toy box. She pushes it over to dump out the goodies inside when what the HELL is THAT under the box...oh its a DEAD MOUSE. Yea - thats it. A dead F-in mouse. Clearly a gift from Willoughby To lil G. but (shudder) clearly one i could do without.

Interestingly enough, the ONLY other time we've been given such a gracious gift by our otherwise adorable kitty was the day we bought lil G home. I wonder where her kitty calendar is so i can let her know she's a month off.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

G's first Annaprashana

Much to Mom's and Uncle Suvo's dismay its suggested that lil Shiva will grow up to be a poet. Though it must be noted that she showed a fondness for just about everything on her plate. Knowing what i do about her family ~ this comes as no surprise to me.

G was a good lil attendent. She actively participated in the mantras and ate her share of rice, chicken and naan.

Here she eagly awaits her 'turn'

With the infamous bib

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

WALKER not a ranger

so i sent this video to my dad...because clearly the picassa link i sent out eons ago has been lost / forgotten / or just too difficult to figure out.


some things never change. If she had hair he'd be telling me to get it out of her face ;)