Monday, April 28, 2008

More crafts!

So G had a bib she borrowed from daycare. It was a nice plasstic one that covered her arms (this girl gets MESSY when she eats) but it was Blues Clues. No offense to those that like that sorta thing...but its just nms (not-my-style). So i looked and i looked and i looked for an alternative. Nada, niet, zip, zero, zilch.

So i took matters into my own hands.

It's completely wipeable and therefor great for messy eaters and craft projects. Can you believe 2 days after i finished them ~ i got an decent size order from G's daycare!!! Once those are done - i hope to be making more for my Etsy shop! Move over Charrise...


AnnaBanana said...

Very very cute! Did you use a pattern?

~jenn said...

awe thanks! I couldn't find one but i did sorta make one you can borrow :)