Friday, October 31, 2008

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Giving Thanks

So the past few days i've been obsessed with finishing our Halloween costumes. Straight Up Obsessed! Its been fun this year because i'm making all of them. And must say -- i'm pretty darn proud.

I've done a lot of sewing the past year (a la mom-ness I presume) and have gotten soo much better. And while i'm totally self taught and couldn't follow a real pattern to save my soul... I must give credit where credit is due.

My Grandma ALWAYS made sure we had a 'yarning' project at her house. Something to do while she watched her 'stories'. Silly stuff of course, but always something w/our hands and always something that made me feel grown up.

Then we alllllways had homemade costumes growing up. Granted my sister and I were a clown about 10 years in a row between the two of us, but my Mom made us costumes. And she rocked at it. As a mom now - nothing makes me more excited than seeing G in something i took the time to make her. When people say to me 'Why bother???"..."its SOO much work", etc, etc...I simply respond. My mom loved me enough to do it. So can I.

So I guess that's what all this silliness boils down to.


Friday, October 24, 2008

On this historic day

G went POO POO IN THE POTTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

The menu

So long gone are the days of
1/2 plate veggies ~ 1/4 protein : 1/4 starch

For those of you interested this is what a day SHOULD look like. Since our day starts and ends later than most 'normal workin' folks we've swapped out a snack b4 dinner for one after. But its all about blood sugar and intervals, so really no biggie.

Dairy (1)
Fruit (1)
Protein (2)
Starch (2)

Veggie (1)
Protein (1)

fat (2)
protein (4)
starch (2)
veggie (4)

fat (1)
protein (4)
starch (1)
veggie (4)

Veggie (1)
Protein (1)

The (1)'s (2)'s, etc are exchanges -- not servings:
one protein exchange is approx 5g of protein
(1oz lean meat, 1/2c beans, 3/4c cottage cheese)
one starch exchange is approx 15g of carbs
(1 slice of bread, 1/2c starchy veg (corn-squash-peas), 1/3c beans
one veggie exchange is 1/2c cooked or 1c raw veggies or 1/2c veg juice
(check out how much PER DAY!)
one dairy exchange is 1c lowfat milk // 3/4c plain yogurt

Thats a whole lotta veggies cooked or not. Pesto's & shakes have been some suggestions not yet tried, but I'd love to know what some others do.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

mmmm Goatmilk!

So awhile back when I was a junkie I remember reading that cows milk is really a marketing scam and that if you eat a balanced diet there is really no need for it. NO NEED. In fact ~ "in large quantities milk can cause iron-deficiency anemia and put kids at risk for a poor diet."

That's a pretty bold statement for those of us growing up hearing '3 glasses a day', and 'did you drink your milk'??? ALL THE TIME.

But of course G luuuuvs her milk. But something just didn't sit right with me. We've discussed raw, but its so hard to get and goats milks always been an idea since its the closest animal milk to human, but... but...

Well this afternoon Peter gave me a shot of whole cow's milk and I almost threw up. Literally gagged and wanted to get rid of that taste as fast as humanly possible. Firmly believing that i can not ask my child to eat something i would not (i.e. no babyfood) I KNEW there had to be a better option.

Since I'm running low on probiotics, I knew a trip to Whole Foods was in order ~ so i figured why not just TRY goats milk. I'll admit the thought kinda made me shiver, but NOTHING could be worse than the buttery-grossness of the whole milk.

Long story short(er). IT was AMAZING! Tasted clean / whole and like MILK. Not like butter fat and grossness, but like a perfect cross between boob juice and milk as I think of it. (and yes-all BFing moms have at some point!)

So that's it - i imagine its all goats milk for the house from here on out.


Tuesday, October 21, 2008


I love everything about fall. The temperature, the sound of the leaves, the sweaters, the rosy cheeks, the layers and layers, the smell.

But best of all - seeing someone else love it as much as me.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Where's Shea?!?

So Giuliane has a buddy in daycare, Shea ~ who's great with cute lil parlour tricks. Whenever anyone says "Where's Shea" both Shea & Giuliane grab their heads and shout with glee.

"Where's Giuliane" however results in a chorus of crickets.

Perhaps mom needs to up the ante?

Busy busy busy

Its been a crazy crazy month ~ what with the end of the fiscal year for work, a looong weekend wedding down in Miami & just the general craziness of being a wife, mom, chef, payclerk, motivator, cleaning lady, laundress, etc, etc...This month has totally gotten away from me.

BUT I've got plenty of pictures and silly stories in my head to share.

Giuliane is ususally SOO GOOOOD when we go out to eat, but wouldn't it be just the case that she totally was a nut when Gramma & Grandpa Vic came to visit. Not BAD ~ but ummm a lil energenic for the booth at Sweetwater. I'm sure everyone agreed with G when Peter pronouced it was time to go and she said "YEAAAAAAAA"

And since Grandma & Grandpa were in town she was promptly rewarded with gifts when we got home :)


Friday, October 03, 2008

A baby book milestone (sorta)

So last night i waas changing G's diaper. Halfway through she said "buff pate". Hmm
"butt paste giuliane, do you want mommy to get butt paste?"

At this point she hops up and goes to get the tube, comes over, hands it to me. "buff pate" and smiles.

So yea ummm. my daughters like 6th word is "Butt Paste".

(and man when it rains it pours! Just like the signing, when she decided it was time to talk ~ its time to TALK!)