Wednesday, October 22, 2008

mmmm Goatmilk!

So awhile back when I was a junkie I remember reading that cows milk is really a marketing scam and that if you eat a balanced diet there is really no need for it. NO NEED. In fact ~ "in large quantities milk can cause iron-deficiency anemia and put kids at risk for a poor diet."

That's a pretty bold statement for those of us growing up hearing '3 glasses a day', and 'did you drink your milk'??? ALL THE TIME.

But of course G luuuuvs her milk. But something just didn't sit right with me. We've discussed raw, but its so hard to get and goats milks always been an idea since its the closest animal milk to human, but... but...

Well this afternoon Peter gave me a shot of whole cow's milk and I almost threw up. Literally gagged and wanted to get rid of that taste as fast as humanly possible. Firmly believing that i can not ask my child to eat something i would not (i.e. no babyfood) I KNEW there had to be a better option.

Since I'm running low on probiotics, I knew a trip to Whole Foods was in order ~ so i figured why not just TRY goats milk. I'll admit the thought kinda made me shiver, but NOTHING could be worse than the buttery-grossness of the whole milk.

Long story short(er). IT was AMAZING! Tasted clean / whole and like MILK. Not like butter fat and grossness, but like a perfect cross between boob juice and milk as I think of it. (and yes-all BFing moms have at some point!)

So that's it - i imagine its all goats milk for the house from here on out.


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