Thursday, October 23, 2008

The menu

So long gone are the days of
1/2 plate veggies ~ 1/4 protein : 1/4 starch

For those of you interested this is what a day SHOULD look like. Since our day starts and ends later than most 'normal workin' folks we've swapped out a snack b4 dinner for one after. But its all about blood sugar and intervals, so really no biggie.

Dairy (1)
Fruit (1)
Protein (2)
Starch (2)

Veggie (1)
Protein (1)

fat (2)
protein (4)
starch (2)
veggie (4)

fat (1)
protein (4)
starch (1)
veggie (4)

Veggie (1)
Protein (1)

The (1)'s (2)'s, etc are exchanges -- not servings:
one protein exchange is approx 5g of protein
(1oz lean meat, 1/2c beans, 3/4c cottage cheese)
one starch exchange is approx 15g of carbs
(1 slice of bread, 1/2c starchy veg (corn-squash-peas), 1/3c beans
one veggie exchange is 1/2c cooked or 1c raw veggies or 1/2c veg juice
(check out how much PER DAY!)
one dairy exchange is 1c lowfat milk // 3/4c plain yogurt

Thats a whole lotta veggies cooked or not. Pesto's & shakes have been some suggestions not yet tried, but I'd love to know what some others do.

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