Monday, May 15, 2006

Dear Mom ~ you drive me nuts!

Ok - i'm a big girl. Techincally i'm obese ~ ohhhh. I know this, my husband knows it and anyone who sees me walking down the street knows it.

Harping on the subject and having back-door conversations with my husband and friends will not change the issue until I want to change. And frankly I'm not soo disguested with myself as you are with me. Yes - it would be fun to go into a store and pick a size 10 off the rack and walk out in it - but I can't and thats ok. I like anyone have bad days / fat days and good days too. Why do you dismiss those?

Between my husband and I - i can't imagine a less supportive family network. And we want to move back home to be around these people more...are we stupid?!?!

I'm often over-outspoken but i keep so much to myself - out of respect for you I don't mention that I think your so damn vain it makes me sick. And that your cashing in your retirement at 50 was the dumbest thing i've ever seen anyone do - that your condescending relationship with your older sister makes me want to puke. I do not mention these things out of respect and cause its none of my damn business - why the HE#% don't i deserve the same?

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