Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Dear Diary 6/4/06

June 4, 2006 – Sunday

This past weekend was the BEST. It’s now Sunday night. It all began Thursday. Thursday morning we woke up and enjoyed the morning. As peter had a 530 flight to NYC for work – he had to leave his lady happy. Well, due to weather in NYC the flight was delayed, the flight was canceled (as were the next 3 of the evening). He finally returned from the airport around 2am and proceeded to try and drive to NYC. He got as far as Baltimore before realizing he was tired and it was just plain stupid. So he came home. Friday we worked at home (as usual these days) and had a date night to see the DaVinci Code. Personally I liked. It wasn’t ground-breaking earth-shattering, but it was good. On our way home we realized that our 4 year I-Met-You anniversary was the previous day. Being the wonderful husband that he is – we stopped by the grocery for some sparkling wine, strawberries, cream and shortbread.

Saturday we ran errands, cleaned house and just enjoyed the day. Peter asked me to go to a surprise dinner so after I got my nails did – I came home got pretty and we were off. I didn’t know the destination, but as we passed Dupont and headed up 18th I gave it my best and guessed we were going to our favorite Ethiopian restaurant. Also the site of our first dinner date in D.C. Dinner was as always amazing! Afterwards, we walked the streets of Adams Morgan. I got some great cherry smokes, peter a cigar and we roamed ~ right into a Turkish coffee shop. Peter indulged me with peach shisha and we got our coffee fix. Finally around 12 we headed back to the burbs where once again we ended the night in such ecstasy even the gods would be jealous.

Finally Sunday we kinda retuned back to normal. Again we rand errands, went to church and hung out. We also attended the worlds most difficult yoga class I have ever experienced. I don’t think it helped that we did 20 minutes of cardio before the class either, but hey – what are you gonna do?

Ok sidebar – what I really wanted to write, but didn’t. This entire weekend – the pinnacle being yesterday (the 3rd) was my most fertile day. Thus after this weekend, some major changes could be afoot. Excited YES, nervous MORE!!! I think it would be so much more digestible if we weren’t trying to move and I didn’t think that I’d have to find a new job soon as well. Ok – said it…now I just have to wait 2 weeks. Wonder how I’ll cope.

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