Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Dear Diary 6/6/06

240lbs (morning weight)

Well don't I feel like miss Bridget Jones. Smoking units=none (damn fabulous)

Anyhoo - not much going on in the world. For the past 3 days i've acutally managed to get my ass up and to the gym. Not only that, but i've had what i consider successful workouts with each stop. I've got the 180 goal by Aug 29 and peter and i are hedging our bets. Granted this works out to about 5 lbs a week...but i figure if those folks on the biggest loser can do it - then damn it -- so can I.

The rest of this week will be torture though ~ I have training classes out in Bethesda md W-F. But i've got friends and the thought of gaining 30 more lbs scares the SHIIIIIITTTTT out of me.

Wish me luck!

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