Friday, January 08, 2010

Our FIRST Christmas

no really – seriously – OUR first christmas.  Peter and i have been together workin on 8 years now and this is the first christmas we’ve been able to call our own.  and it was WONDERFUL.  No where to go.  No one to dress up for, no meals to make you overstuffed and did i mention, no where to go?!?!  Of course we missed family – but thanks to SKYPE and perhaps being over 30, it didn’t really seem that bad. xmas3

For starters i had tried to get all interested parties set up on Skype so they could spy on our x-mas morning should they be interested.  Course no one expected that we’d have this to deal with for soooooooooooo long.  seriously kid.  WAKE UP.  I did everything but jump on her bed at 9am.

132 But that being said – it was all worth the wait.  This was truly and enjoyable day.  She LOVED it.  (duh, right!)  Unfortunately i didn’t pick up my camera till she had already swapped into new jammies, opened 90% of her gifts, had a new dolly that would not come out of her arms.  Despite the wonderful picture of peter – it was funny watching G open gifts with 1 hand. OK,  for about 5 minutes until i wanted to scratch out my own eyeballs from the slowness of it all.  However, i digress.  Next are the wings.  Ahh the wings.  The wings that were cause of WWIII should they come off for nap time (they did not) ~ nor for dinner either.  But it was good.  We sang and played all day long and no one got out of their jammies. 



I guess i’m pretty lucky.  Every day just keeps getting better!159

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