Tuesday, September 07, 2010

G's first...

It was a raucous hot day made only more so by the zillions of parents & running kids, buuut. G was THRILLED to have her first art show. "Just like mommy, my stuffs is on the walls". (swoon)

Then while she was all good & sugared up, of course she had to show off her extra load of sillies by getting into her baby brodder's seat. (no we don't know - i swear. And even G technically thinks its a girl, but due to all of her friends, is less familiar with the words 'baby sister' But no worries, she'll assure you..."it does NOT hab a penis mommy!")

1 comment:

yuj said...

hahahahaha -- (1) love her comment. (2) my fav is her picture on the bottom right -- it oozes sass!