Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Could this be the begining of the end???

So this past weekend I went home to pittsburgh. I felt a little under the weather, but deemed it to mostly self pity. Before we left I updated my baby registry, and noticed a few gifts missing. So i foolishly expected a surprise shower. I was previously told it was a bad weekend, due to St. Patty's day, but really...adults & St. Patty's day??? I suspect it revolved more around March Madness then anything else. Stupid stupid me. There was no celebration. I did however learn that my dad & stepmom got a nice 'pamper-me' basket for their neighbor who was preg. Me - i haven't even gotten a card from them. Its nice to know where you stand i guess...but damn depressing at the same time.

So after all that it should be no surprise that all i wanted to do was sleep while i was there. But then i get home and all i still want to do is sleep. AND i find more sniffles and aches and pains to accompany me. I HAVE 8 WEEKS LEFT it can't get bad yet. CAN'T you hear me - i won't accept it!

On a good note, Aunt Jude booked her flight for May 25 - 28 to come and meet baby. Let's hope your here by then ;)

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