Friday, August 29, 2008

A few rough nights

So lately i've been having the wierdest of dreams.

Last night our car was stolen in NYC / Paris?? Somewhere big and busy. The night before was something odd (but i can't remember) and the night before that was HORRIBLE.

I dreamt that Peter and I had gotten lil G a big ol tattoo. A HUGE one on her back. Apparently we thought it would be fun. Fun?!?! This from a mama who won't even pierce her baby's ears? Anyhoo she had this big heart on her back and a lil tendril that went over her shoulder. As far as tattoos go ~ I'll admit ~ it was a nice one, but on my BABY?!? Do you think this is the kinda torture parents feel when we come home from college 'all tatted up'?

On another TMI note last night G and i were hanging out in the middle of the night. We put her to bed before our class so she's not quite the terror she can be for guests when she's overtired and HAS to stay up with the grown ups. Sometimes its works ~ sometimes it doesn't. Guess what? Last night it didn't.

So we're hangin out for awhile after misnight when she finally gets sleepy. She comes over and lays her head on my belly and is gently / sweetly patting me. Then she decides to roll over and kiss my belly. "BAABY Babby" she repeats as she pats and kisses my belly.

For all of you passing out right now A) i have my period ~ right NOW and B) i have an IUD

But for the love of god ~ someone get this girl a baby doll becuase she's FREAKING ME OUT.

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