Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Chrio/Accu/Kines Appt update

Sooo after i spat, pee'd/poo'd, enough for the rest of my life of testing ~ its pretty much confirmed that my problem isn't thyroid ~ but adrenal.

Apparently my adrenal function is sooo bad ~ that its effecting my thyroid as well (among other things) There are still more test results to come in (and umm one i forgot to do) but...its all coming together & i'm beginning to be treated!

I'm forgoing western medicine this time and seeing a chiropractor trained in Kinesiology. Also in this office are acupuncture, nutritionists, ION rooms ~ the whole shebang.

I'll be honest ~ I wasn't a huge fan of the chiropractic idea. BUT i have HAD it w/my doctors. Telling me that i HAVE to have an organ removed only to be on medication for the rest of my life?? No thanks.

Then i ask myself ~ why are you so anti chiro / acupuncture care. Those voices in my head sounded like those folks that flipped out when i told them i was seeing a midwife for my prenatal care & birth. I have NO doubts that that was the perfect choice for me, but it was a hard bridge to cross (paperwork wise) and i don't think some people ever understood my some only after the birth.

So i pushed those old school voices out of my head and followed my gut. Well i asked my fellow bradley teachers for their recs ~ found a great office ~ and THEN followed my gut.

First Appointment: I bet your problem is adrenal ~ its often confused with thyroid, but lets test this, this this and this. (about 30 more tests than i've ever had with a traditional dr) She tests some muscles using kinesiology ~ waaay cool. And says ~ its gonna be a lot of work, but you can be fixed, without medicine and lead a normal life again. I almost cried with happiness.

Today's Appointment: Some tests still aren't back ~ but the problem is most definitely adrenal. Cortisol levels ~ crap: Cortisol-DHEA ~ crap: Adrenal "fatigue": insulin, post prandial, progesterone ~ you guessed it ~ all crap. I'm also a 'silent celiac suffer' ~ apparently crazy common for any sorta autoimmune disorder.

Soo what does it all mean?
Cut out gluten ~ yesterday
breath a giant sigh of relief ~ i'm not MENTAL!!!

Next steps:
Meet with a nutritionist to learn how to eat
Allergy Testing (though muscles, not blood)
Appts 2x per week for the next 2 mos - then hopefully will taper off quickly for maintenance appts.

I could go on for pages and pages about everything i'm learning. Perhaps when i have a few more moments ~ i'll type it out.

Final 2 cents: DON'T GIVE UP!

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yuj said...

no more gluten? omg i'd starve to death... ;)

but AWESOME to hear actual news instead of the usual circles!! hurrah for progress, sending you lots of trans-continental healthy vibes~~~~~~~