Sunday, May 13, 2007

Simple Gifts

So today was a bit of an emotional roller coaster. Its Mothers Day and also the baby’s official due date. I requested that we not celebrate as I’m a little leery of ‘counting your chickens before they hatch.’

However, like every weekend, I was treated to a wonderful dinner Saturday night (Scalini’s Eggplant Parm, spaghetti w/clam sauce and a lil fried polenta!) This morning we lounged around and went to church. A pastor of ours celebrated her first Mothers day in 7 years since she miscarried, and yet the realization of how truly lucky I am still was not enough to pull me from my funk. We came home, I napped, and then suggested we get out of the house. It’s a picture perfect day ~ 75, blue, and sunny with the perfect breeze blowing through. If I go back to work tomorrow and miss this day – I know I’m gonna be PISSED!

So we were heading towards Bull Run park, but turned around fearful of an entrance fee and made our way to a random path marked on the side of the road. Little did either of us know that it crossed a stream. The sound of water, the sun going down behind the trees ~ it was perfect. We trekked down to a perfect sitting spot and just enjoyed the silence. I began to feel a little better. Then Peter did some relaxation and I awoke re energized.
• It is BEAUTIFUL outside
• I am 40 weeks pregnant and walking around a path with a healthy baby in my belly
• I have a husband who I KNOW is as excited about this baby as I am
• I have a supportive family
• I have a beautiful home
• I have a safe car
• I have a secure job
• SHREK is on tonight at 8pm

With the weight of the world seemingly lifted from my shoulders we came home and I lost my MP. Be it hours or days…you are on your way!

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yuj said...

i love that shrek made your list. :)