Sunday, May 13, 2007

Mothers Day

Today is Mother’s Day and the anticipated arrival date of Baby Taurus. Things have been uneventful although I think Jenn has been having contractions…her belly becomes rock solid at times with the uterus completely contracting. Baby Taurus, you’ll have to tell me how the contractions felt while you were floating in your amniotic sac.

So a kind of depressing day, as we were hoping to have been at the birth center already and home with a baby…but the time is just not right…so we wait. It was a slow day…a mopey day…although we went to church and that was good. We came home and Jenn napped and then we were bored so went for a walk. We found a new spot…Cub Run Park…and found a creek with a quiet outcropping of rocks. The sun was just behind the trees and so we rested…I did some relaxation on Jenn and her cares went away and a brightness came to her eyes and face…she had been rejuvenated by just about 5 minutes of relaxation. It was awesome and I felt so much love for her at that moment. To know that I can bring such calmness to her and be able to encourage her with a few words and some gentle massaging. It’s amazing. So after the rejuvenation we came home to get ready for dinner and to relax the rest of the day away and had our first positive sign. Jenn’s mucous plug has softened. What a great way to end a long weekend…the baby we’ll be here soon.

Perhaps i'll be shaving in the not so distant future!!!

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