Thursday, August 17, 2006

My So-Called (grown-up) Life

Of late, i've become a rather angry being. Yet another co-worker has move onto something bigger and better, while I waste away my days here trying (unsuccessfully) to sell our condo, get prego (also unsuccessful), and get smaller thights (you guessed - unsuccessful). What i have managed to do is accumulate an awful lot of hatred.

For example. This weekend peter goes to visit his kids. And although i far from hate them - i hate that he has to leave me to go see them. While he's away I'll be visiting with my mom and sister who just flew into town. And while on their own i love each individually, the combined entity makes my spine tingle.

My sister's cool. I'm type A - and she's cool. Always has been always will. I ask her what she's doing later on and she replies - ohhhh i dont know. Maybe this, maybe that. Ask me what i'm doing later on and its

'well first i have to empty the dishwasher, then switch the laundry, then make dinner, after dinner we'll go to home depot cause our toilet is leaking (AGAIN) then we'll come home and clean up a little cause the open-house is this weekend, hopefully get to watch 30-days, read my book for bookclub, finish the work i didn't do today cause i was busy blogging then try and muster up some sex appeal to make that baby you are all so damn interested in knowing when we're finally going to get around trying for.

So this weekend, I'll get to engage in tri-athelete competitions between my ever-spry 'cool' sister and my i-don't-look-almost-60-do-i mom. When what i really feel like doing is drinking heavily and getting my nails done.

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