Friday, May 09, 2008

Her perfect imperfection

So for MONTHS lil G's had this night time cough and for umm maybe the past month i could really hear it in her chest. So we made her 1 YEAR appointment a little early just to have it all checked out.

Turns out she might have asthma. BOOOOOOOOOOOOO anyone??? When you squeeze her she wheezes. We've learned asthma is partly genetic and could also be due to allergies...hello mom ~ dad.

However nothing stops her...even during her treatment she's smiling. Stoned, but smiling :)

In an attempt to get her lungs back to 'normal' (reduce inflamation & release built up mucus) we've acquiesced and are using pulmicort & a nebulizer. After her lungs are free and clear again we'll start playing with her diet, bedroom linens and dear sweet kitty to hopefully find a allergic trigger we can remove.

Fingers crossed.


Vanessa said...

I hope you figure out what is making your little dear not well!!!

Vanessa said...

Hey Jenn! Just wondering if you all learned anymore about G's allergy/asthma condition since this post! We've been thinking about you all!