Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Uhhh really?!?

So G went to summer camp this year at a gymnastics studio. Part birthday present, part sanity check for mom. Either way it was deeeeeelightful for all involved.

Aside from the omghowcantheybesobitchyat6 girls, a good time was had by all. And i sufficiently made up for any loss of coffee in that week alone. We had a great excuse to meet daddy for lunch at the asian grocery, we enjoyed each others company and watching G 'freeze' for an hour on the trampoline at night. We watched forward roll after forward roll till WE got a bit dizzy.

But nothing could have prepared me for sunday night.

Completely offhand, i make some '50 First Dates' reference about the "kiddies doing flippies" and G walks a few paces away and tosses herself up in the air -- and lands flat on her back after a lil head spasm backwards.

Well as any good parent would do, i maybe, sorta, kinda asked "WHAT THE FOCK ARE YOU DOING?"
---Mommy, I was just trying to do a flip

WHAT?!? Who does this? Flat footed on the ground my 4 year old just tossed herself in the air and tried to do a back tuck. I know, I know she could have gotten really hurt (believe me we dealt with that later) but duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuude.

my kid just tried to flip. rock on with your badass self G. i love that she truely believes there is nothing she can't do.

love. it.


Peter said...

to the best mama in the world! Love!! have to say being away from blogging has made your story telling oh so much more awesome. Love this post!

El said...

(again love your story telling!) So beautiful (and completely terrifying) their lack of fear, and knowing they 'can' do something.