Tuesday, February 21, 2006

in the beginning

In an attempt to join the masses, satiate my need for attention and fill wasted time...I blog.

In the beginning there was this girl.

She was cute enough, smart enough and gosh darn-it, people liked her.

She grew up with the best divoreced parents one could ever ask for. From her mother, et al. she received a caring and loving upbringing. And from her father, et al. she recieved great manners, the ability to carry on a conversation with a wall and a great education.

This girl grows up and meets a man. Not just any man, but THE man. See when she was 12 she made this list. She wanted her future husband to be:
-blue eyed
-well built
-lover of the outdoors
-religious (though not painfully so)
-and the list goes on

Damn if this girl didn't get everything on this list (aside from tall) BUT OH the things she didn't think of!!!

Well this blog is an attempt to put my thoughts in order. Let you in on the insanity that is my every day. Judge for yourself if I am truely a spoiled brat, or part human being.

Though be prepared to keep any and all negative comments to yourself.

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