Friday, August 17, 2007

Three Months Old!

Dear Peanut
(as this you are called more often than Giuliane)

In two hours you will have reached 3 months. Well officially in 8 hours as you were born at 6am, but let’s not split hairs. I’ve just taken you from your crib beside the bed and put you in bed with me. Daddy’s at band practice and won’t be home for a few more hours and you fell asleep shortly after he left. We hardly got to play, so I’m getting my snuggles in now. I’m amazed that in 95 days – I still haven’t gotten tired of the way you smell, the way your lips fall open, the sound of your breath or that you look like a little smurf in your green jammies.

We have had SO much fun with you this month. Just the other night, you were snug in your Daddy’s arm muchin’ on a teething ring. Sad to say – Mommy said its 9pm and your tired, so I stuck you in your crib and said that’s that. Daddy went in and changed you, played with you and then brought you out and gave you a nice cool teething ring. That’s love.

A couple times this week something has come over you that neither Daddy nor I know how to handle. You just WAIL. It’s uncontrollable and you almost hyperventilate yourself – I worry to the point of passing out. Also sad to say…Mommy thinks it’s kinda cute. (I’m not doing to well here am I?) But timing in human development is quite magical as with this new found uncontrollable cry, you’ve also learned to wrap your arm right up around our neck and give us the slightest little hint of a hug. Equally adorable… When your not trying to raise the dead with you banshee imitation, you giggle. Forget giggle, your laugh comes straight from the belly just like you imagine Santa would do. I wish I could laugh with my whole body like you do just once a month, much less the 20+ times you do it a day.

I’m pretty sure in the past note or two I’ve mentioned what a cute lil thumb sucker you are, but baby…you’ve moved on to champion thumb sucker (declared by me). Nothing but net nearly every time you go for it. It’s amazing. Then you also have this way of using your left hand to cover the right – just to make sure something crazy doesn’t happen to that thumb – like it falling out or something. ;0

I’m doing ok. Aside from my hair falling out – I’m a lil bummed about the idea of you going to daycare. Its been 3 weeks since I went back to work, but since your Daddy and I work from home, we’re cheating and keeping you here with us. Its HARD though. Not only do you demand attention, but we want nothing more than to give you 110% alllll of the time! So it is with heavy hearts that we went and looked at the daycare up the road. I have to say – as far as daycare goes – this is a great one. The owner is crazy about teaching good manners and Miss Betty – the baby attendant – is sweet as pie. She’s totally a Grannie and has a great smile and a light in her eyes that is very important to me if your going to spend every day with her. I don’t want you to be influenced by the Debby Downers of the world. My sarcasm is enough for you to have to learn to deal with. Our home is still on the market, but it’s not looking good. So I’m interviewing in hopes of finding a better job and making the most of the time we have in DC. Besides, we’ve made a lot of good friends here that I’m not too excited about leaving.

Someday we’ll have a home big enough for toys in your bedroom and a garden out back. You will help me pick tomatoes and I’ll teach you how to fry the green ones.


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