Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Work Sucks

Ahhhh its 4:56 and the end of day my second day “back at work”. I use the term back at work loosely because I’m working from home AND Giuliane is still at home with us. With both Peter and I working from home we’re hoping to save a few thousand over the next couple of months and of course….GET MORE BABY TIME! She sleeps 5 out of the 8 hours of a working day, so for right now its really not that hard.

We’re also recently returned from our whirlwind last month of activities. Tyler, Siena & Micah were in for their two weeks of the summer. As previously mentioned we went Hilton Head – had a wonderful time, came home to DC for 4 days. Then went to Ct to show all 4 kids off at Peters parents. Once we dropped the kids off at the airport we went up to Ligonier for a night – then to NEMICOLIN for a few days. Peter gave me the bestest relaxation smage EVER. TWO HOURS of heaven. Then we went back to Ligonier for a few days. I took my first ever fly fishing lesson and fished the next two days (no luck though). It was very very relaxing. However I am happy to be home.

Giuliane seems to like it too. She got a bit of a cold and seems to be sleeping it off. Hopefully she’ll wake up in time for Grandma Jan and Aunt Jude’s visit on Thursday!

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