Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Five Months Old

Happy un-birthday my lil mobile one!!!

This morning after your daddy changed your diaper and before he wrangled you in for a wardrobe change you got the urge to show off your latest and greatest skillz! At one point I think you may have actually done a proper crawl  For the past few weeks you scoot about doing what I refer to as the ‘seal’, but today you seem to have a new nifty mode of transport. The lift and flop. (Its similar to the bend and snap*, but waaay cuter says your Father) Its mirrors the inchworm approach that so many babies start out with, but well…yours looks a tad more painful and is definitely far more enthusiastic!
This month you’ve given up your predicable schedule in favor of random acts of sleepiness. I’ve been saying this for months now…its cause your teething. Apparently all moms have excuses and this is mine. I used to make fun of those moms…ok, I admit I still do. And I know I vowed I wouldn’t do it and I know I cringe every time I hear the words come out of my mouth (but)…I REALLY BELIEVE IT! You’ve even taken to wearing a bib during the good majority of your waking hours because as much as I don’t mind doing laundry and cleaning your cloth diapers, swapping a slobber soaked shirt every 30 min gets to be a bit much.

Speaking of laundry and all things dirty…I’m afraid I have bad news for the both of us. Now while I do hope you grow up and surprise me ~ I think you have a good chance at being the dirty kid.

Baby Girl you have toys. Granted not as many as most kids I’ve met your age, but clearly more than enough than you need as you’d be happy with the remote control, butt paste container, my pc, all the cords attached and DIRT. How is it at 5 months you can find the dirtiest spot on the porch and decide that looks like fun…lets eat it! At he Del-Ray Art-On-The-Avenue you found…dirt. Dirt, dirt, dirt.

As for food – even though you’re still a booby baby, you are sooooo into food. It may have more to do with the above paragraph (things you can’t have) but clearly your getting ready. Occasionally you’ll get a swished up bite of this, a smashed up finger full of that and if your REALLY lucky…you get some water out of a straw. Man those things are cool!

With everything that’s been going on the past couple of weeks: crazy work schedule, holidays looming, home no longer for sale, and oh yea…that whole water destruction thing ~ you remain my sunshine. When you laugh and giggle it makes all my frustration and sadness disappear.

Eternally grateful,
Your Mommy

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