Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Letter from Dad

Dear Peanut…

it’s been awhile so thought I would chime in and write to you. You are so big now…at 8 months you’ve developed into a crawling machine, a talker (no real words yet) and a tremendous eater. We decided to not push the eating thing until you are ready and you are definitely ready. You watch mommy and me eat and smack your lips and give us this look like…hey what about me? It’s amazing the change over the past 2 months…we tried some yams at Thanksgiving and even at Christmas we gave you some sweet potato and banana that Grandma Jan put in your stocking…you would have nothing to do with them. But now we’ve been feeding you homemade food such as mashed avocado, banana and soft egg yolks.

Eggs seem to be your favorite until last night when we gave you some chicken. Yes chicken and not some mashed up pureed meaty pudding you get in the store but small dices of baked chicken…the same that mom and dad ate for dinner. You devoured it…literally diving at the spoon for more. I don’t know why this makes me weepy but it does. You’re growing up and it seems so fast to me. Our little baby is eating real food. I’m so glad we haven’t forced you to do anything before you are ready. We are learning what you like and when and read your body language. You tell us when you are ready to eat, when you are hungry and when you’ve had enough. The latter is done with a turn of the nose and a closed mouth…more like clenched mouth.

You’re so grown up. I enjoy every minute with you and can’t wait for more adventures in the kitchen. Maybe we’ll try some lentils or venison or since you are willing to try anything…you and I can share some liver. Either way I love making food for you and watching you eat and grow.

chef Dad

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