Tuesday, January 22, 2008

My Little Snuggle Bug

We're THOSE parents. The ones that enjoy sharing our bed and have no problem snuggling in for a good nights family sleep.

For a while after you were born you wanted the freedom of your own space. And while I appreciated your individualism, I missed you. Well apparently you missed me too as you've made it quite clear that your crib is for nap time ONLY.

During that period - I LOVED to come in and pick you up...now my favorite time is early in the morning (i know craziness). About 6am you begin to wake up. In a normal household this would be the beginning of a productive day, but not here. We just roll over and play dead so hopefully we can eek out at least another hour of sleep. For about an hour you flip, flop, turn, smack my belly, pull daddy's nose, poke me in the eye and all that general lil kid early-ness. Some days it drives me bonkers ~ but really. I just LOVE it. I love how you snuggle up with me; suck your thumb 1,2,3 ~ FLOP, up in daddy's armpit: snuggle 1,2 ~ FLIP, steal a corner of my pillow: face slap, face slap face slap ~ WIGGLE down to Willoughby: SHREAK and pull her tail, giggle and lay back on my lap.

I acutally think your Daddy sleeps through 90% of this. The other day you were FINALLY 92% asleep and he starts fooling around with the covers.
Moi - "what are you doing?"
Peter - "I'm covering her up."
Moi - "thats her head"
Peter - "oh"
Peter - "sorry."

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