Thursday, February 07, 2008

ooohhhhh wadda I do NOW?!?!

Giuliane’s been testing the waters now and again on this standing thing. She thinks she’s super cool with her lil one hand moves on the table and at the entertainment center.

Over Christmas she liked to scare us both by hanging onto the rocking chair and holding on with one hand. I likened it to a children’s version of a mechanical bull at those classy bars someone might have frequented while on spring break.

Day by day she’s gotten steadier and steadier ~‘till this morning as we dropped her off at ‘school’. (I loath the term daycare) She just stood there standing when Peter put her on the ground. Not scared, not surprised ~ but she did display the slightest hint of confusion.

At one point in this hour-long minute I called out ‘Look Miss Betty!’ ~ alerting not only Miss Betty, but a roomful of curious toddlers. It was like we were the animals on display at the zoo. Three of the cutest little toddlers came rushing up to the baby gate separating the next room and in the most reverent hushed tones you could hear…wow that baby’s staaanding!

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