Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Nine Months

Dear Giuliane,

Three – quarters of a year and 100% of my mommy heart. (like the Barosaurus, I have multiple hearts reserved for daddy, family and photography)

This month has been a special one. Not only have you spent an entire month in daycare, but mommy has ALLOWED you to spend an entire month in daycare. Well…almost. Somehow there were already numerous gov’t holidays, a snow day, school delay AND a trip to California!

Admittingly – your life at home has become quite repetitive…
8am: wake up in a panic (how is it 8am ALREADY…wasn’t it just 6am???)
8-8:30: rush to get you ready and walk up to school by 8:30 (which never happens)
4-5p: pick you up
5:30-6: eat & snuggle time
7:30: bed

It makes me SICK that at most, I only spend about 2.5 hours with you a DAY. Somehow in the big wide world of things that matter ~ this doesn’t seem cosmically fair. Hopefully, someday you’ll understand the cost of living, mortgages and perhaps the consequences of bad decisions and forgive me.

But in an attempt to buy your love at such a young and vulnerable age ~ we took you on a trip to California!!! (ok, perhaps we took you out there to meet your Great Aunt Joanne, and see Aunt Jude, but believe me baby…a trip to the beach is a trip to the beach!) You in turn have rewarded us with learning how to wave. Perhaps it was all of the friendly faces you met out there, the warm weather, the sand and ohhh how you loved the swings.

At LAX we were sitting & waiting not so patiently for the plane to board. Daddy had brought me some chocolates and you were playing with the wrappers. (crinkly stuff is a favorite still) You had crawled a few feet away to assert your independence and appeared to be waving at the random passer by. At first it looked like a freak accident that your arm was waving while someone walked past you. Then sure enough ~ your Daddy noted that it was indeed with purpose. It was soo sweet and yet so sad at the same time. Many people giggled at how cute you were and many more smiled as they walked past ~ however there was the occasional traveler who would just walk past you and completely disregard your wave. It took everything I had in my body not to go up to these people and tell them that you JUST learned to wave, no family member has yet to see it and they simply can not disregard you.

But there you continued to sit, waving at each and every passer by and smiling so sweetly.

May karma always return the favor,

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