Monday, March 03, 2008

Sick days suuuuuuuck.

So I’ve had my first official mom-orientation. Last night out of proverbial blue ~ G got sick. (and I mean siiiiiiiiiiick)

Retrospectively, perhaps we should have known what was coming. She’s had a decent little cold for awhile, and some nasty coughing at night. Basically, the typical daycare crap as I’m told. However on Saturday night she introduced us to her new battle cry. Man-oh-man was she l-o-u-d. It had a shriek that we hadn’t heard since the afternoon we went to a nice restaurant and opted for the beer sampler ~ since really…what else did we have to do that afternoon (HA!) Anyhoo…it went on and on for-ev-er. I can’t really explain it, but I’m sure other parents will understand when I just say it was different. An ugly different and I didn’t like it.

The next day she was her typically great self. We hung around at home. Went to Thai restaurant where she had some great rice balls, chicken and a lil Tom Yum/Ka soup. WE FINALLY found a park where they had a at least 3-out-of-4 baby swing parts. Ironically we were also ‘trespassing’ on church property. Ahhh the irony of it all. Basically my point it ~ it was a great day. A normal great day. Night came and she went to sleep as normal and THEN…

As usual she woke up about 1am ~ again with this new battle cry thing (is it those top two teeth? But they’ve already pop’ed…) So I hug, snuggle and generally mom smother her in love to try and get her to calm down. Nothing works. Finally she zips it but what's that I smell ~ funk you say??? Yes m’dear. She’s booted on me. GROOOOSSSSSS. So I swapped shirts, snuggle in and we sleep again. 30 min later we’re up and at it again. Only this time – she managed to hit the sheets (and me again). Hey 4am is the PER-FECT time for a family tub. Funny thing is…her lil face is red and on fire and I stand her next to the tub to put in the stopper and turn on the water and she absolutely squeals in delight. Dude – kid – your sick…act like it damn it. I’m not getting any sleep – the least you could do is be all sad and sappy. So we hop in the tub, rinse off and dare I say play for a few??? Well at least long enough for Peter to change the sheets and de-funk-i-fy the bedroom. So all clean and snuggly with PJ’s #2 – we hop in for at least a fewww hours sleep. (1 hour goes by) WAIL WAIL WAIL !!! O-M-G kid, your killing me. Apparently Peter felt my pain as he got up with her to walk-n-rock her around. A few min later I heard that gross gurgle-y sound I now dread. “uhhhh Jenn!” Poor things booting all over Peter and the kitchen floor.

(Funny observation he holds her like a diseased leper with stiff arms out front and gently leaning forward so as to get everything out and on the floor…anything but on him. Mommy takes off her top for snuggly skin to skin contact and lets the lil babe puke all over her without a second thought. Isn’t that what baby wipes are for?)

Well long story short ~ she skipped daycare today and recuperated with PLENTY of napping and a lil retail therapy.

That’s my girl!

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