Monday, March 17, 2008

10 (thats T-E-N) Months

For starters…I love you ~ I love you ~ I love you!!!

This past month has been quite nice. No places to go nothing major to do. And Mommy’s new job is going well. (and by well, I mean fantastic ~ they are sooo nice! They think I’m smart, and helpful, and funny and its just great.)

Our rhythm of life is pretty much the same. You love love love to eat. A LOT! Since your still a boob baby we figured that you’d eat less table food…apparently we wrong.

Of course you love to play (I know, a shocker for a baby) But what I enjoy is how much I looooove to watch you play. At the end of the day after you’ve napped and had your second dinner you often take to wrestling with your daddy’s head. I often sit on the sofa like queen of the Nile and just smile at the riches that surround me.

You’ve also started to become a bit more of a nudy baby. (genetics perhaps) Last night I was attempting to change you into some sort of night time gear. Since you have this icky diaper rash from the sposies of daycare mommy’s likes to let you pee on the carpet for fun. OK~ perhaps she’s letting you bum air out as much as possible and just when she thinks your ok with snuggling on her lap ~ whoosh ~ you slliiide down from the sofa and take off for ‘Fort Dining room’. Along the way spotting a kitty toy you HAVE to have and somewhere along the way deciding that NOW is the time to go potty. Its great fun I tell you. Someday when you’re complaining because we don’t have the money to send you to Europe for the summer ~ I’m going to pull out this letter and the 80 carpet cleaning bills attached.

Peeing on the carpet aside ~ You are just too fun to watch. You are so proud of yourself for getting off the sofa ~ for walking to the tables ~ for bending over and picking up toys and bending back over without falling down (“yes Giuliane, Mommy’s watching you”) I wonder if the infatuation ever ends. Perhaps that’s why soccer is so popular or why parents subject themselves to swim meets and dance recitals. It’s the joy of watching you sublimely happy and unaware of anything around you that just makes Mom feel like the world is just right. But do you mind if your Daddy and I come with a picnic basket of yummy food and cocktails and sit away from the other parents???

Your loyal subject,


Angie said...

What a cute St. Patty's day outfit! And look how big she is and standing too! Too cute.

Jenni said...

Look at that HUGE smile! So adorable.