Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Happy Birthday Baby!

Dear G,

HAPPY SECOND BIRTHDAY! I really can't believe that my sweet lil baby girl is T-W-O. Although i don't know who i think i'm teasing because really...your growin like a weed. Mentally not a day goes by that you don't crack your daddy & I up. And physically, that lil lioness mane and those loong legs & arms crack me up every morning when i wake up with them all wrapped up around me.

This spring has been so much fun with you. I'd say our number one thing to do this year is take care of our plants and sew. It's so much fun to see you interested in watering our plants and at the farm 'comeon guys' helpin out as much as, if not more than, some of the adults.

For your birthday we went to brunch with Grandma & Grandpa and came home to PRESENTS! Your new shiny bike was by far the biggest it and I'll take a lil credit for my fun spin ~ spin ~ spinny dresses. After a lil nap Auntie Yuj & Auntie Becky came to for dinner and to PLAY. G got some awesome princess dress up stuff and we just laughed and laughed. We also sang happy birthday THREE times complete with candle blow out and relighting. Who can resist a request of 'one more time mommy?' on a birthday!?!?

Your a light in my life that I never dreamed would shine SOO BRIGHT. Some parents talk about how in awe they are of the love for their children ~ I've never been so shocked and I guess i'm lucky that way...I always felt TONS of love growing up. But i wasn't prepared for how a 'hi mommy' or a lil chubby hand on my chest could just make me melt and make all the ugliness of the day disappear.

I love you my lil buttercup. Thanks for letting me see the sun shine ~ even on the darkest of days.


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