Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Lots of Lemons

So here is it world wide web.

Pete-a-lee lost his job.

And it sucks. It sucks real bad. Frankly, it scares the CRAP outta me. Yea sure, we're smart, strong and have a BEAUTIFUL HEALTHY lil girl and with that I can be happy. (but it still sucks)

But in all that sucki-ness ~and the financial sucki-ness to come. I find myself taking stock in that which doesn't dwell directly inside my home.

1) i have a great family ALL over the US and not only that but i love them all and can openly talk with them all. Kinda cool
2) i have WONDERFUL friends who venture to the scary scary burbs for a 2 year old and even ~ yes EVEN come in from LA (yes, the one in california)
3) i finally have a garden. Something i've REALLY wanted for a good 4 years.
4) i am a photographer. I can finally say that without any disclaimers and/or qualifiers before or after it comes out of my mouth.
5) i can sew - pretty damn well actually. So - fine. I can't follow a pattern to save my life, but really - i say it would only stifle my creativity.
6) i am proud of the life i live. I eat well, i cook well, i let people merge when i drive and i no longer give folks the finger when they are OBVIOUSLY taking their time when crossing the street. (yes that's worth being proud of)
7) i recycle. Not because i FEAR the world is ending or because its the cool thing to do, but my dad always taught me to leave a place cleaner than i received it. And well -- i got some time to make up for.
8) i'm learning to garden without any chemicals and pesticides (see above)
9) i'm STILL meeting wonderful people and i like that. be it the group of out-of-towners that resuscitated a bit of life back into my cold shocked body, or the gardener that reminds me so much of my grandma Lois it takes my breath away.
10) i can no longer stomach most of whats shown on prime time television - and i am proud to have all my feelings back
11) i vow to grow more flowers this year
12) did i mention i can cook?
13) i've fostered good true honest to goodness friendships with people via WORDS. (ok that IS a nice way of saying i'm an online dork) BUT what underlies it all is a common thread to be a better person and learn from one another and in that i've met some amazing women with vastly different lives than me.
14) i teach classes on natural childbirth WITH my husband ~ not in spite of which seems to be so sadly the norm
15) i am sleepy and am off to dream of 'lemonade'


~jenn said...

oh and P.S. - he's a senior technical recruiter and of COURSE you can have his resume to ship out to all of your friends.

just send me an e-mail :)

yuj said...


(check your email)

Scout798 said...

I rather like lemonade ...

ALWAYS here! And yes, please shoot the res ... lets see if we can help rescue one person (or a cool little family) from the suck! :) YAY!!

Jenni said...

Yuck, Jenn, so sorry - I know the feeling :( Hope you guys will do alright until he finds something bigger and better. I'll put my thinking cap on and see if I can come up with any jobs for a tech recruiter. Good luck, and see you Wednesday! :)