Wednesday, December 02, 2009


So it IS december and I am waaaay waaaay behind in my holiday crafting.  Perhaps its the lack of the FLOORS being FINISHED (PETER!) – or perhaps it’s just general business getting the best of me.

I vote Peter. 

Either way… G and I got some good stuff done last night & I wanted to share. 



And then, we started to make an advent calendar.  I’d like to combine chocolates (since 2/3 of the house are ADDICTS) with nice family activities.   Thankfully i’m doing these with paper, so i can sorta just do 1 a night :P 











Dreaming Gardener said...

hello Jen,
I saw u n daughter last time.
i was checking out your blog. Please tell me, how do you do the moss in the jar thing?? any links or hints would be fab!!


jenn said...

You know - i don't have any links. I saw the idea on etsy for a riDICULOUS price and of course fell in love. My uncle has moss galore at his place in PA ~ so i helped myself and talked to the gardeners at Merryfield as much as i could.

Basically its:
charcoal - for drainage & stink
then dirt
then moss / plants
keep damp, but not WET.
a daily mist is recommended, but never happens in this house.

some are doing FAR better than others.

(Glass was all found at 2nd hand / antique shops)

GOOD LUCK! I'd love to see pictures if you do make one.

Dreaming Gardener said...

sounds like a place, will head to the thrift stores in the area on our next walk since we have such beautiful weather! Here is my other question, moss doesn't need much sun right? lol, we don't get sun in our apartment. I mean no sun at all. :-P

jenn said...

yea - we don't get a ton of sun either. A lady once told me the darker the better...but i dunno - the 'green' thing confuses me.