Tuesday, December 01, 2009

'sick' days

So today G was deemed to sick for 'school' - by the powers that be. Sure her cough sounds horrible, but really...its loose and after weeks of a cold now seems to be the dumbest time to send her home ~ but whatevs. I'll take it :P

After a wonderful breakfast ~ we spent the morning cleaning her room in preparation for the floors getting DONE this weekend (& grandpa pete & gramma pat's visit - not a coincidence). I'm on a conference call now and she's sitting in her 'castle' (a great big box) and 'decorating' (coloring the walls with crayons). She was content with watching Jane occasionally - but has recently taken to 'moving' (dragging her castle across the living room floor every 5 minutes)

If i weren't WORKING...i'd be taking pictures. its a lovely day so far.

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