Monday, January 08, 2007

22w 2d

So far soooo wonderful. This past few days i've really been feeling like i'm going to be a mommy! I'm hot - hot hot hot all the time. And yes, in all ways possible. I also have a recognizable belly and its not just chub anymore. Still feeling great which is amazing, but man I can feel my appitite increasing. I just want to eat all the time now ;)

A few weeks ago we went for the 'big' ultrasound. We didn't find out anything 'officially' but I think we got a shot and Baby Taurus is just about as modest as daddy (and I think has the same parts) Even Peter has jumped on the boy bandwagon.

This weekend we went to the Velvet Lounge and that sucked. But all was not lost as we played Disk golf on both sat and sun. It was amazing on sat - around 70 degrees and just beautiful. Sun was much cooler, but almost a better day because of it. Sunday i met some internet mommy & mommy-to-be buddies at Firehook on the hill. It was nice - i got a good baby fix.

Tonight is our first bradly class and ohhhhh I CAN'T WAIT!

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