Tuesday, January 23, 2007

is there another one in there?

This weeks latest flux of emotions have me wondering a few things:
- could there really be another baby?
- who's body is this???

As for the first - my rump is HUGE. Now its been no where near small in recent years, however a recent glimpse of my derriere in the mirror over the weekend has me worried that there indeed could be another fetus growing in my ass. How else might you explain its size in direct proportion to my belly when my weight gain for 24 weeks is ONLY 6 POUNDS?~?~ Fetuses Timmy - Fetuses - that's how.

And for the second mind altering realization. This isn't MY body. I can no longer do what i want. I've been cool with being nice to my body for awhile now. I only have A drink on occasion and i will add - it ins in a measurable glass - not the whole bottle for those familiar with my habits. I don't smoke - even occasionally and i eat my plethora of protein and workout (though not as much as i should).

However despite all this good behavior - i keep getting kicked - LITERALLY. I really just want to go sit in the hot tub for HOURS. Screw the 5 minutes every other week or so. I WANT TO NAP IN A HOTTUB...ohhhhh sleep. I can't imagine a good nights sleep.

They tell me its worth it - and well...it damn well better be cause in the grand scheme of things. I ain't got it 1/2 bad.

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